experience china

Our mission is to provide the most educational, enlightening and fulfilling China travel experience for our clients.  With the growing importance of US-China, we believe that it is ultimately through traveling that one can gain fresh perspectives and understanding of.  Our goal is to share our passion of China with our clients and to utilize travel as a means to deepen the understanding between our nations. 

Why ctt?


Focused on China and only China
That’s it! We don’t claim to know the whole world but we are the China travel experts.


Experienced Bi-Lingual Staff

All of our staff are bilingual and experienced in cross cultural communication between China and the US.


Working closely round the clock

We work extended hours in the evening meet your needs as trip leaders. CTT has offices in China and in the US allowing us to work seamlessly around the clock for the quickest turn-around time.


“We feel like we get to see the real China when we travel with China Travel and Tour..In addition, the logistics are always seamless and the choice of hotels, restaurants and transportation excellent. It is always a pleasure to work with Nick and all of his staff at China Travel and Tour."

-Leslie Carter, Director of IMBA, Daniel's School of Business, University of Denver

“CTT was really helpful during our trip to China this spring! Our escorts, Nick and Kevin, have been really helpful arranging logistics and coping with unexpected situations on the ground for us."

-Sophie Chen, Student Leader, Stanford Graduate School of Business